Motorway / Refresher / Over 60’s

We at GEM Driving School offer motorway tuition for those who have still never ventured on the motorways after passing their test.  All motorways in the Northwest Area covered, M53, M57, M62, M6 etc.  After a course of motorway tuition with GEM  Driving School, we will show you everything you need to know and give you the confidence to tackle that first dreaded time on the motorway.

Refresher Lessons

Took the test, passed and never driven since?  Is this you?  You would be surprised at how many people this happens to for whatever reason, lack of a car of their own, lack of money or just ridiculous insurance premiums.  For whatever reason, GEM Driving School will soon get you back behind the wheel and give you the confidence to get you back out on the road again.

Over 60’s

Sometimes for unforeseen circumstances people over 60 find they may have to get behind the wheel again, sometimes after many years.

We at GEM Driving School welcome the more mature driver who may be returning to driving after a self imposed exile or someone who may find themselves in a different set of circumstances and needs to learn to drive.  Whatever the case, GEM Driving School has the experience and patience to assist in either case.

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