Driving Resources

So your planning on learning to drive, the first step is to make sure you have a provisional driving license before you take to the road.

Information on how to apply for your first license can be found on the online.

Example road layouts – how to drive round a roundabout

  Going Straight at a Roundabout Turning left at a roundabout Turning right at a roundabout

How to check your tyre tread

Making sure your car is safe to be on the road is an important of driving and it is essential you know how to check that your tyres are road legal, below will help you with checking your tyres, do not hesitate to ask your instructor if you are still unsure.

tyre tread  tyre tread meassuring device

Resources to help pass your test

We have put together this list of resources which are free for you to download and will help with your future lessons and passing your test.

1 – An example of an independant driving diagram

2 – The tell me show me questions

3 – Light signals controlling traffic

4 – Examples of direction signs

5 – Examples of information signs

6 – Signs giving orders

7 – Warning signs

8 – Road markings

9 – Signals to other road users

10 – Know your traffic signs

11 – The Highway Code

As a part of your lessons you will have a learner log book and lesson record sheets to help you chart your progress over the course of your lessons heading towards that all important test. You can also download an example of the examiner checklist which will be used to score you on your practical driving test.

example of pupil lesson record drivers logbook dl25 the examiners marking sheet